Platium Blonde Halo Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions #60

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Product Specification:

  • Type: Remy Flip in Hair Extensions.
  • Material: 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions.
  • Length: 12inch, 14in, 16inch, 18in, 20inch.
  • Weight: 12” & 14in” -70g, 16″ & 18″-80g, 20″: 100g. We recommend 1 pack for adding volume, 2 packs for length and volume.
  • Texture: Silk Straight, Soft. They Can Be Dyed, Straightened, and Curled Like Your Own Hair.
  • Number of Wire: 1 wire with 2 clips, additional 2 wires with 2 clips for replaceable.

How do I apply for Halo extensions?

  1. Brush hair. Brush your hair thoroughly to get rid of tangles. Then, brush out your halo and each 2-clip weft gently using a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush.
  2. Section off hair and apply halo. Section off your hair at the crown, tying it into a bun at the top of your head. Leave out the front sections of hair that frame your face to ensure a natural blend. Choosing the wire length that best fits the size of your head, positions your halo over your bun where you parted your hair. Like a headband, it should sit comfortably and securely above your ears.
  3. Secure your 2-clip weft at each temple. For some extra oomph around the sides of your face, secure a 2-clip weft at the temple of your head about two inches above your ear, fastening the clip closest to your hairline first. Do the same on the other side with the remaining 2-clip weft.

  4. Blend for heavenly results. Takedown your bun and brush through your hair to smooth everything out ensuring your real hair is covering all the wefts and the halo. If you’re not using our Loop Hair Extensions Brush, be extra cautious when brushing over the wire of the halo to avoid snagging.

How to Wash your Hair Extensions?

  • Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to avoid knot.
  • Wash your hair extensions with warm water and sulfate-free conditioner as well as 100% natural hair products.
  • Wash your hair by holding gently. Do not rub your hair. Hold the roots down to prevent tearing.
  • Comb your hair extensions with a wide-tooth comb from the bottom to the top of the hair extensions.
  • Gently hold the hair with your hand and squeeze the water.
  • Beat the hair with a towel until the hair Is dry, it is best to dry.


26 reviews for Platium Blonde Halo Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions #60

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  1. Hair is very soft; color is very flattering, and overall a great value for the price.

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  2. It¡¯s just okay. For the price, I suppose you can¡¯t expect much higher quality, but Glam Seamless is much better. My hairdresser tried to shine it up and tone the blonde but didn¡¯t have much success.

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  3. I was skeptical about buying this but ABSOLUTELY love it so much the day I got mine I ordered a 2nd with some color.. wonderful product.

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  4. Great company to work with. Pretty color of the hair. The second time I got a better deal. Highly recommend! Thank you for being honest!

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  5. I have the hardest time finding extensions to match my hair color! Usually they are way too yellow and my hair is very ashy. These are perfect!!!! The color is awesome, they are soft and stay on really well. I might have to get another set because they are somewhat thin. I have thick hair and it takes some finessing to blend them. Other than that I am impressed on the quality for how inexpensive they are!

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  6. I’ve bought Luxy extensions and these are the same quality if not better. Color was perfect for me. I have very very light gold blonde hair. If your hair is truly platinum this might be too gold for you. So glad I bought these!

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  7. Good quality hair. I¡¯m a 11 year cosmetologist, so I¡¯ve used great quality hair before and bad quality hair. This is definitely good quality.The only downside is that the weft isn¡¯t long enough to reach closer to your hairline. Which is my problem area, I want to add length to the hair around my face. I also have to split the hair in the back and bring it all forward to the front to look full and blend with my short hair. I had to tone it, but i expect that with all extension i order.

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  8. I bought a 613 and it didn’t come quite the white color I wanted but I toned it and it looked so great. you have to sew in the clips and adjust the clear string but once you get past that it’s a really great buy. The hair is thick and full, feel soft and real!. You can shampoo dry and your ready to go all over again.

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  9. I am very pleased. It kinda a pain to put in bc i feel like my hair is too thin and the clips that come with it are trash… i just use bobby pins.. but the quality is there. the hair is good. i even took it to a stylist and had them tone them,… it comes a golden blonde, i like more white blond. it works and i am loving it.

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  10. This product is beautiful and high quality especially for the price.

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